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FL9, No.55, Fuye Zhenhai District, Ningbo, China
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Binhai Economic developing zone, Cixi,Ningbo,China

Whatsapp: +86 13336640832

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JAMADATA was established in 2013 to become a leading international provider of networking hardware for data center facilities.
Headquartered in Ningbo, one of the biggest and most-developed industrial hubs in the world, JAMADATA has rapidly gained market shares and rock-solid reputation as the one-stop partner for data center builders, distributors and integrators seeking customisable, high-quality equipment at the most competitive price. Since day 1 our priority has never changed: to combine the most comprehensive product range with knowledgeable and timely technical assistance, topped with unrivalled customer service and care; so that within the shortest amount of time you can have at your disposal all you need to build and perfect your ideal data center, from network cabinets to server racks, from power distribution units to cable trays, raised floors and thousands more infrastructure accessories.
Still looking for the easiest way for your business to enjoy stable growth and peace-of-mind?
JAMADATA is here to share its golder rule for success: simplification. By optimizing all our internal and external processes, from order placement to final delivery, with the most relaxed payment terms you could ever ask for, weve gained the indisputable trust of top-tier global partners and users.
Today they all know JAMADATA is here to stay, offering the long-term, flawless partnership they struggle to find anywhere else, working together to change the present and building the future of data centers.

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