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LN-CAC aisle containment

Name: cold aisle containment

Description: Cold aisle containment consists of a physical barrier that allows the supply air to pool inside the aisle.

Cold aisle containment (CAC) typically consists of aisle end doors and a roof system to contain the supply airflow to the intake of the IT equipment
Most CAC roofs are no higher than the top of the rack. In most cases, this avoids running into obstructions such as cable trays
CAC ensures a uniform and predictable air temperature at the IT intake.

Energy efficiency

The natural properties of cold air requires doors to prevent it from flowing out from the aisle ends
Cold aisle containment (CAC) ensures that the IT equipment is being cooled within the manufacturers specifications
CAC creates a uniform and predictable airflow that eliminates hot spots, ensuring optimal operating efficiencies.

Cabinet space efficiency

Data center space is expensive
Many companies do not populate the top 15% of the rack due to inconsistent supply air temperature
The area at the top of the rack is typically affected by hot exhaust air recirculation
Cold aisle containment systems are designed to eliminate these hot spots, allowing data centers to get more out their space
Under populating the rack increases the space cost per server ratio (Sp SerR)
While most ROI formulas compute the real cost of cooling saved, the increase in rack population alone saves companies millions of dollars towards new data center expansion.

Custom cold aisle containment systems

A variety of cold aisle containment configurations are shown above the products showcase. Those are actual customer projects, customized designed for their unique challenges


 Rack with cooling system  one side rak with glass in another side  hot aisle containment  cold aisle containment

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