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=> LNWWD Rear swing
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Key Specifications/Special Features

More space saved.
Cable entry, earthing screws included.
Payload : 60KG
From 4U to 22U optional as the dimension.
Door can be open either side as needed.
Welded construction , build-up packing.

1) Payload: 60KG 
2) The construction is welded , only build-packing
3) The front doors can be 6 types , they include, glass with glue strip, full glass,
   glass with side vented, glass with side curved vented, full metal ,etc.
4) 2 fan holes available at the top cover
5) The cable entry is available at the top cover
6) 4 mounting rails inside with U marks for mounting networking equipment.
7) The cable entry at the bottom is available.

 Name  Dimension  Description
 LNWWD  W600*D600*12U  Black color 9005, front is glass with side curved vented and glue blue strip
 LNWWD  W600*D550*9U  Grey color RAL7044, front is full glass.

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