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Key Specifications/Special Features

1 ) High dimensional precision, newly patent cross strengthening rib structure, strong loading
   capacity and shockproof
2 ) Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchange ability
3 ) Use screw to fix the panel with aluminum head pedestal, more stable systems
4 ) Caused by cement, brick, wood floor embedded the wires in advanced
5 ) High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life
6 ) Sound proof and easy cleaning
1) Wide range all manner of center room, flexible for installation in intelligence office
   rooms as requirements, occasions which require on air conditioning
2)Specially designed 5 class office, antistatic PVC or carpet finishing for OA access floor,
   make a soft walking feeling
1) Tile size: 600*600*35mm
2) HPL pattern: 12 options
3) The support pole size: 300mm to 800mm optional
4) Concentrated loads optional: 200kg, 300kg, 360kg, 450kg, 567kg, 670kg, 906kg
5) Fire performance A

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